Vehicle Wraps

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Here at G Dezine Wraps we are passionate about Vehicle Wraps. We should, since this is 99.8% of our business. We are not a "sign shop" that occasionally attempts to do a vehicle wraps. We are a full service professional vehicle wrap shop, designing, printing, and installing vehicle wraps on Long Island 7 days a week! Our goal is to help grow your business through vehicle advertising. There are many reasons why G Dezine Wraps is Long Island's #1 source for vehicle wraps. There are the 3 elements to a vehicle wrap that separate us from the "sign shops": Design, Printing and Installation.


We have a staff of award winning designers that will design a custom wrap graphic that will grow your business! G Dezine wraps uses the latest, most up to date design software and hardware that are state of the art. Our staff has the tools to create the ultimate design, but most importantly, the know how to design something that is effective to increase sales in your business, not just pretty looking.  Since all our designers do is design vehicle wraps, we understand that we are dealing with a 3D object and text and graphics need to flow from the front to back, and around curves of a bumper. Too often we see vehicles on the road designed by print designers who spend their days making business card and letterhead designs, then when they attempt to do a wrap, key art elements or text is cut off by a door handle, a light, or wheel. This is never the case at G Dezine Wraps. A sign shop design will NEVER EVER come close to a design by G Dezine Wraps. Let us design a vehicle wrap to enhance your business so you can stand out over your competition.


We use state of the art printing methods insuring crystal clear high resolution printing. The result is life like reproduction of the graphics we design for you. Like you in your business, we only use the best materials that our industry has to offer. We would rather lose the job then to use inferior materials to "get the job" for a price shopping client. There are several different grades of materials specific to certain types of vehicles. At G Dezine Wraps you be sure to get the correct material for the job. Stop by so we can educate you firsthand on the proper materials for your project.


Our staff of dedicated vehicle installers will install your newly designed, and printed graphics with care to insure a perfect installation. But as with any good installation, quality is only guaranteed with proper preparation and cleaning of the vehicle. This is yet another reason that we are superior to the "sign shops". We spend hours using cleaning agents and good old fashion scrubbing in every crevice of the vehicle to make a surface so clean you can eat off it. Most shops will just scrub the vehicle with soap and rinse and call it a day. We use a proprietary 5 step cleaning system developed by our owner (who is meticulous about cleaning his personal vehicles) using professional grade chemicals to completely remove all traces of dirt and grease from the vehicle surface.
Once cleaned the wrap can begin. Our installation are so good most people are fooled in thinking the graphics are painted on. Compare this to the sign shop wrap that just looks like big sheets of stickers stuck to the vehicle. Believe us when we say, there is a difference in installation techniques. Stop by anytime to see a wrap in progress, we love to show off our wrap skills to potential clients. Try to stand over the shoulder of the "sign shop" guy sweating it out trying to slap a wrap on a vehicle and see what will not be pretty!