Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a digital wrap damage my paint?

A: No, It will actually preserve the painted surface underneath. The wrap can easily be removed without harming the factory painted surfaces.

Q: Are wraps expensive?

A: Wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising for your business, considering the average wrap costs around $2500, and the average work vehicle is in service for 4 years before replacement. Your final wrap cost is around $50 per month. You can easily spend 10 times that in the local newspaper and not get the same results from a digital wrap. The cost is determined by a square footage formula. Contact us to discuss you specific needs.

Q: Do I need to provide the artwork?

A: Only if you would like your specific photographs or logos used. A key factor in the success of a wrap project is a practical, yet effective design. Our creative design team continuously provides our customers with the most appealing wraps on the road today.

Q: How long does it take to wrap my vehicle?

A: The average vehicle wrap installation takes 2 to 3 days to complete. We professionally wash, dry and prep your vehicle prior to installation to insured the best possible results. More accurate time estimates will be given for your specific project prior to installation.

Q: Can I wash my wrapped vehicle?

A: Yes, you can. Hand washing is the preferred method. We would not recommend using any high pressure power washer. All of our vehicle wrap media has a clear protective over laminate applied prior to installation. This protective layer prevents damage from the elements and normal washing.

Q: How long does a wrap last?

A: Typically a wrap will last 4-6 years with proper care. With all of our wraps we use only top of the line 3M vehicle wrapping media. The media then has a clear UV protective over laminate applied prior to installation. This protective layer prevents damage from the elements and normal wear.

Q: If the vehicle is in accident or part of the wrap is damaged can it be fixed?

A: Yes, sections of the original design can be cropped, printed and re applied if necessary.

Q: What is my image printed on?

A: All auto wall art is printed on an acid free 17mil canvas material and stretched over kiln dried wood stretcher bars.

Q: Where do you install the wrap?

A: Our 3000sq. foot indoor wrap facility, located in Deer Park, NY, is the preferred location. However, travel arrangements can be made to provide installation services anywhere in the United States.

Q: I am unable to meet with you directly to discuss my new wrap. Is this a problem?

A: No, not at all. All correspondence and project proofs can be sent via email. Once everything is finalized an invoice can be emailed and secure online payment is available.

Q: Do you only wrap cars and trucks?

A: We can wrap any type of vehicle, boat or trailer. We also offer wall murals and floor graphics.

Q: Why should I choose G-Dezine Wraps for my next wrap project?

A: Quality, Experience and Dedication.
Quality - By using imaginative designs, the most innovative products, software and equipment available we are able to provide you with finest print quality available.
Experience - Being in business for a decade with over 150 vehicles wrapped we have earned the experience and skills necessary to take your project from concept to completion.
Dedication - When we take on a project we dedicate ourselves do whatever it takes to accommodate the client so that they are pleased from beginning to end. Even if that means travelling 1000 miles or working 24 hours around the clock to met a deadline...we've done it all.

Q: How do I get my new wrap project started?

A: Call or email us to speak with one of our design specialists about your specific needs.