About Us

About Us
Get to Know G Dezine Wraps.

Our company founder Phil Danza started a company called Grafik Dezine in 1998. As a car enthusiast and natural born entrepreneur, he would go to car shows and sell custom car graphics. Within a year he had a tri-state following for his custom made car graphics.

In 2002 the company formed two divisions under the name G Dezine Ltd, one was for car graphics and the other was for commercial vehicle graphics. Now we simply go by the name G Dezine Wraps to house all our divisions. Our main focus now is commercial vehicle wraps, with our secondary divisions dedicated to street car and motor-sport wraps.

For 18 years we have been on the cutting edge of car and commercial vehicle graphics. We love the fact the the "sign shops" try and imitate us, but can't replicate what we do no matter how much they try. Now in 2017, our focus is to help Long Island business owners grow there business with vehicle wraps.
We encourage you to do the research on vehicle wraps, even stop by other places that offer vehicle wraps...then come see us last. You will see the difference right away and will be comfortable in trusting G Dezine Wraps for your vehicle wrap. We look forward to the opportunity to help you as a business owner maximize your business with our wraps.