Color Change Wraps by G Dezine

Matte Wraps Vs. Painting

  • Matte wraps are a fraction the cost of matte paint
  • No need to change your title to reflect the color change with a wrap, where as with paint you need to change the title showing new color.
  • Matte wraps cost $2-$3k depending on car, matte paint cost $7-$10k.
  • No effect on resale value with a wrap, it simply peels off. With paint, the resale value will drop to about half.
  • Wrap is far more resistant to staining then paint. If you get bird poop or tree sap on matte paint, it is ruined.
  • If you need to get a section repaired due to an accident, matte paint will cost thousands because multiple sections of the car needs to be blended. Plus paint never 100% matches due to many factors...temp, paint mix, how far paint gun was held away from car etc. With a wrap just wrap the section needed and it is a perfect match to surrounding areas.


  • Truly painted on look
  • Protects your factory finish from the elements
  • Removed with no damage to OEM paint finishes
  • Over 50 colors to choose from
  • Mix and match colors for a unique two tone effect
  • Easy maintenance, just wash and dry, no wax needed

Color Swatches

Change your cars color, not your Ride! Our color change wraps can add new life to your old ride simply with a color change wrap. Unlike painting your car, a color change wrap is totally reversible. We use European manufactured color change wrap material that gives an authentic painted on look when installed by our wrap installers. Check out some of our most popular colors below.